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Hi,  I'm Bruce and welcome to my bio.  

I am excited about the possibilities we can create together. I am an Entrepreneur, Addiction Recovery and Transformational Life Coach, Psychedelic Integration Coach, Lifelong Esoteric Spiritual Seeker, Travel Adventure Pilgrim, and Holistic Health Advocate with a goal to help you transform into the best human that you can possibly be.

I founded and ran a successful startup corporation in San Diego for 30 years. Managing a multimillion-dollar corporation with hundreds of employees, I understand and can connect with you on the stress of life, career, and the push that we feel is required to be successful. Endless stress created myriad illnesses in my life, and I have been successful in navigating a transformational path of personal healing and recovery.  

In 2019, I sold my business and have embarked on helping others grow, transform, coaching clients to create positive life changes and developing a life where they are true to themselves and others. As a certified teacher in Yoga, Meditation, Qigong, Breath work, and Sound Healing, I draw on unique tools for personal transformation.

I have spent many months in Peru and Brazil completing four strong plant medicine dietas in solitude under the care of renowned Shipibo Shamans.  A Plant Medicine Dieta is a traditional ritual involving dietary and behavioral restrictions, usually in isolation, combined with the ingestion of specific Master Teacher plants to promote spiritual, mental, and physical healing.  A dieta can last anywhere from one month to one year. 

Diving deep with hundreds of Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Ketamine ceremonies , I understand the landscape of these medicines and can help you integrate their full potential. With the help of entheogens, I have been able to transform myself out of the grips of anxiety, deep spiritual shame, and depression to develop a broader perspective of life and my soul's journey. 

In the past earth-based cultures, one's non ordinary insights or visions would be held in deep ceremony by elders that had experience in navigating and understanding theses altered states. In today’s industrial growth cultures, there are not always experienced elders to help a person integrate these insights into their non connected embodiment.  

I want to be that steady bridge for you and help you on your journey.

About Bruce: Inner_about
About Bruce: Welcome

Certified Addiction Recovery Transformational Life Coach with Being True To You

Mentor Coach Training Program

IFS Internal Family Systems Informed


Senior Sound Practitioner Team Member with Zen Soul Balance, San Diego

Karen Pryor Professional Animal Communication Coach and Trainer

Sound Apprentice under Mark Carter and Steve Hart at Riff Studio

Adya Conte and Velan Caden  

One Movement

200 Hour Yoga RYT Certification

Assistant Teacher 200 Calligraphy Qigong Teacher Certification 


Chair Yoga Teacher Certification

Pilgrimage of the Heart

Pranayama Meditation and Breathwork Teacher Certification

Pilgrimage of the Heart 

Reiki Master III Attunement  

Dove Love at

Plant Dietas with Ascended Maestro Don Howard Lawler , SpiritQuest Sanctuary

Plant Dietas with Maestro Ricardo Amaringo and the Spirit of the Plants 

Nihue Rao -

Master Zhen Hua Yang  Calligraphy Health

Level One and Three Certification

Hillcrest Ace Hardware

Founder and CEO

San Diego, Ca  - 1996 - 2019

Uptown Parking Board • Executive Board Member Hillcrest • 2014 – 2016

Hillcrest LGBTQ + Business Association • Executive Board Member • 2000 – 2004


Harmonic Balance 

2019 - present

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