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If you are seeking guidance on your life's path, pursuing clarity through plant medicine, or aiming for holistic and wise life decisions,

I am here to accompany you on your personal hero's journey.

Let's traverse this chapter of your life together.

Coaching Packages

* each coaching session is approximately 60  mins duration - schedule upon purchase

Sapling Tier

3 Sessions of Coaching - $330

Timber Tier

6 Sessions of Coaching - $600

Titan Oak Tier

12 Sessions of Coaching - $1.140

Life Coaching

  • I will help you navigate and process life’s challenges effectively. 

  • I will help you uncover lessons and opportunities in adversities. 

  • I will help you reflect on your involvement in various life situations.  

  • I will help you discern between controllable and uncontrollable aspects of your life. 

  • I will help you delve into acceptance, forgiveness, surrender and gratitude. 

  • I will help you devise actionable steps for impactful, positive changes. 

  • Why not benefit from empathetic support and consistent accountability?

  • It is always helpful to strengthen character, resilience, and self-assurance. 

  • I will help you keep an eye on the prize of self-care, personal development and nurturing your authentic self. 

Executive Coaching

With decades of experience as an entrepreneur, having successfully managed my startup for 30 years, I can attest to the immense benefits of having a coach experienced in all aspect of business. I can provide tailored guidance, helping one identify and overcome specific challenges, leading to increased growth and efficiency. Coaches offer fresh perspectives and strategies, allowing business owners to adapt and innovate in a rapidly changing marketplace. Let me foster accountability and continuous learning, ensuring long-term success and resilience in the entrepreneurial journey. 

  • Improve Leadership Capabilities. 

  • Better Decision Making.

  • Increased Emotional Intelligence.

  • More Effective Communication

  • Personal Growth


As a certified Psychedelic Integration Life Coach, my aim is to enhance the profound healing properties of psychedelic integration in my coaching practice.


Integration is crucial following entheogenic exploration for those seeking enduring benefits in healing and transformation. This process paves the way for newfound growth and channels the wisdom and healing from the medicinal journey into an individual’s consciousness and daily life. Without this integration, the profound experience may fade without offering long-term advantages. While entheogenic encounters provide a pathway to genuine transformation, the depth of their impact is realized through effective integration. 

Psychospiritual Life Coaching

In today’s fast paced era, the intricate bonds among our heart, body, spirit and mind has weakened due to technological advancements, our loss of connection with nature, ritual and rites of passage, and the pressures of daily life.  This detachment can result in feelings of depression, addiction, and a lack of direction and significance in life.  Psychospiritual Life Coaching offers a way to mend these frayed connections.  By integrating fresh understandings, lifestyle adjustments, and alternative viewpoints, individuals are guided on a journey of self reflection, mindfulness, and bodily consciousness.  The result is a rejuvenated, balanced existence marked by genuine decisions, intentional actions, and compassionate engagement with the world.  This not only propels individual evolution but also contributes to a more unified global community. 

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