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Calligraphy Yoga combined with Reiki and Sound, can positively affect the energy fields around the body.

Calligraphy Yoga is a flowing, standing, healing and meditation practice that combines the philosophies of Indian Yoga, Chinese Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and the art of Chinese Calligraphy brushstrokes.  This practice was developed by Master Zhen Hua Yang, who pulled inspiration from his family's martial arts system that goes back four centuries.  


Calligraphy Yoga is a very gentle way to move, incorporating steady breathing, and Hatha poses that move energy through the body. The movements flow gracefully, and you start to feel the effects of this practice very quickly.  Since the majority of the poses are standing, Calligraphy Yoga is perfect for those with wrist, elbow, and back conditions.  You never force or over-stretch your body during the practice. 

Calligraphy Yoga is about relaxing, helping the body to loosen up. It can rebalance and rebuild internal strength and life force.  

Bruce is one of the only certified Calligraphy Yoga Teachers in the United States, and is proud to bring this practice to his community.   

60 minutes Intuitive Reiki Session $100

60 min Private Sound Journey $100

60 Min Private Calligraphy Yoga Session $80



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Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is perfect for beginners due to its gentle nature.  It is a form of yoga that is practiced in a chair for using a chair for support. This practice increases flexibility strength, and body awareness as well as reduces stress and tension. The gentle nature of the class also makes it perfect for beginners, seniors, and those non-ambulatory.

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