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Dedicated to Wellbeing of You and Your Pet

Bruce Reeves launched Harmonic Balance San Diego in 2019 after answering a lifelong call to become a healer.  Harmonic Balance is dedicated to the wellbeing of one's self and your pet through sound, body movement and animal positive reinforcement training.  Bruce's approach is to works with the whole persons, adjusting their energy field to achieving balance. Sound Bath's uses different sounds to interact with our physical and energetic bodies. 

Bruce has been practicing yoga for more than 20 year in San Diego, and has always known yoga to be his personal path of healing.  The founder and operator of Hillcrest Ace Hardware for more than 25 years, Bruce recently sold his business to pursue a life of personal healing. 

  Bruce spent time in isolation in Peru with a world leading shaman, working with plant medicines, which reset his life's path.   Bruce then focused on multiple yoga teacher certifications, sound healing apprenticeships, and Reiki Mastership. He then detached and walked over 800 miles training and completing the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.  

Bruce spent several years working with dogs in need at the San Diego Humane Society where he decided to expand his holistic services to include pets.  Bruce trained to become a Karen Pryor Professional Dog Trainer which focuses on positive reinforcement, science-based training techniques.


Bruce's Training

Bruce has received multiple certifications over 20 years in Yoga, Meditation, Reiki III Mastership, and Sound Healing, and recently the Karen Pryor KPA -DTP certification for positive reinforcement on Pet Training.  Bruce continues to dive deep into personal healing modalities for himself and others.

About Bruce: Inner_about

Currently a sound practitioner team member with Zen Soul Balance, San Diego

Karen Pryor Professional Dog Board and Trainer, San Diego

Past sound apprentice under Mark Carter and Steve Hart at Riff Studio

Adya Conte and Velan Caden  - beloved guides and master teachers at

Sacred Seed

400 Hour Yoga YTT Certification


Chair Yoga Teacher Certification and 

Pranayama Teacher Certification - Pilgrimage of the Heart

Reiki Master III Attunement  

Dove Love

Plant Dietas with Maestro Ricardo Amaringo and the Spirit of the Plants 

Nihue Rao -

Master Zhen Hua Yang  Calligraphy Health

Level One and Three Certification

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Bruce Reeves        619 847 3756

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