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Reiki Healing: Inner_about


Reiki is a form of energy healing or energy therapy that entails the transfer of energy through touch. Reiki is based on the ancient understanding that we all are connected to life force energy which flows though us for personal healing.  When we are ill or unbalanced - physically, mentally, or spiritually, our life force or aura is murky and needs cleansing. Reiki therapy allows the practitioner the opportunity to cleanse the affected parts of the energy field with positive life force energy, allowing cleaner energy to flow through. 

Reiki reduces stress, pain, and encourages balance and relaxation to promote a calmer state of healing.  Bruce blends music, chanting, mantras and mudras and sound to balance, relax and fortify the energy surrounding us. 

Bruce is a Master III level Reiki practitioner.  


60 minutes Intuitive Reiki Session $100

60 min Private Sound Journey $100

60 Min Private Calligraphy Yoga Session $80


Bruce has been studying meditation and internal focus work with the Tarot for 20 years  

and joins this powerful tool with his Reiki and Sound Session.

To schedule your next appointment with Bruce, please text or call: 


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