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Sound Meditation, also called a sound bath, is an ancient practice of using sound and vibration to achieve a relaxed, meditative state. During the sound experience, Bruce works with gongs, drums, chimes, flutes, and sound bowls, exploring different frequencies of sound, allowing a person to drop into deeper states of meditation.


 The sound experience begins by sitting or lying down, paying special attention to your breathing and body. One is then immersed with gentle sounds, creating the freedom to go inward.  Many people experience a deep state of relaxation to explore different meditative states that are difficult to achieve on your own. 


Sound Baths activates higher states of consciousness, unlocks blocked emotions, relives anxiety and stress, promotes deep meditation, heightens clarity, normalizes blood pressure, releases emotional trauma, and much more.  


 Bruce is a team member sound practitioner 

with Zen Soul Balance.

Zen Soul Balance performs sound baths throughout San Diego at Riffs Yoga Studio, Trilogy Yoga La Jolla, and various studios throughout California.

To schedule your next appointment with Bruce, please text or call:

Bruce Reeves        619 847 3756

(click image below to play video)

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