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transformational life coaching

Sound | Flow | Breath

Harmonic Balance

Passionate about sparking transformation from within, I utilize yoga, mediation, breath work, body movement , and sound healing as primary modalities in my coaching. A central part of my coaching approach involves establishing life-altering habit chains and providing steadfast support to ensure their longevity.

A certified Life Coach with Being True to You, my focus is helping people integrate entheogenic experiences.

Additionally. with a certification in animal communication from Karen Pryor Associates, I facilitate improved communication and balance in relationships between individuals and the animals in their lives.

Bruce Reeves

Transformational Life Coaching is 

  • Process and integrate life’s challenges in front of you

  • Identify the lessons and opportunities within the challenges

  • Examine your role in life circumstances and challenges

  • Learn to differentiate between what you can and cannot control

  • Explore pathways to acceptance, forgiveness, surrender, and gratitude

  • Establish a proactive plan for making positive changes within your control

  • Turn insights and lessons into daily action steps

  • Receive compassionate support and accountability

  • Build character, resilience, and self-confidence

  • Orient towards personal growth and cultivate your true self

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